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The Baie de Somme

1 hour by car from the hotel

Looking for a hotel to discover the natural heritage of Picardy at your own pace? Our hotel in the city centre of Amiens will allow you to reach the beaches and wild nature of the Baie de Somme in less than an hour by car.

Like a picture of a primeval world, the bay and its wild stretches full of beaches going on for miles, dunes, cliffs and marshland, has an indescribable charm. In particular, this protected natural zone is a safe haven for tens of thousands of migratory birds. It’s also home to the largest colony of seals in all of France. The Baie de Somme has inspired generations of painters and writers, and remains a refuge for anyone who loves the fresh air and calm open spaces.

The Parc du Marquenterre, located at the heart of the National Nature Reserve of the Baie de Somme, is a 200-hectare protected space and has been one of the top spots for bird watching in all of Europe for the past 40 years. Whatever the season, you’ll be able to see thousands of birds (waders, water birds, sparrows and birds of prey) as well as insects, amphibians and other mammals, all without disturbing any species.
At the observation posts along the 3 trails, the park guides are on hand to explain the way of life of their animal friends.